Why we Cloth Diaper, and what brands we love!

Good afternoon everyone!

Today I’m going to post about why we chose to cloth diaper, and what my favorite brands are. Right now, I am still trying to add to our stash, and get more of the brands that we love! My daughter has very sensitive skin and tends to pee through everything. I mean EVERYTHING. So, If you have a heavy wetter, this article is for you. I will do a separate article on washing, and stripping your diapers. I will also do another one explaining all the types of cloth diapers, and my opinions on them. If there is anything you want to know, feel free to leave a comment letting me know.

I first learned about Cloth Diapering from some parenting blogs, and I really thought about using it when I saw a sign for a program called “Heiny Helpers”. I had asked around to a couple of my friends, and found out that I knew a lot more people that CD then I thought! It made me excited to try them! One of our main reasons for wanting to switch is my daughters sensitive skin, almost everything breaks her out. We tried Huggies, Luvs, Walmart brand, Target brand, Pampers Baby Dry, Pampers Swaddlers, Huggies pure and natural, everything broke her out! I didn’t feel comfortable putting chemicals on one of my daughters sensitive places. If you let the diapers get really soaked (with water, pee, whatever) gross blue gel and gel beads will start coming out, how is that safe?

The planet was also another reason for me to want to cloth diaper. It’s been estimated that it takes around 500 years for one disposable to break down. Just for ONE diaper! Most newborns go through 10+ a day, that is really clogging our landfills! I believe (When it comes to diapers, and food anyways) If you cannot pronounce the ingredients, you shouldn’t be using it! Cloth has really worked out for us so far, and I am very excited to say that we have had NO leaks so far! No diarrhea, or pee! Its a big relief as Lily was leaking through her diapers really bad.

Our favorite ways to cloth diaper at home include: Prefolds, Covers, Pockets, Fitteds, and All In One’s.

So I bet you are wondering, What are prefolds? :

  • Prefolds are basically what our grandparents use to use, without the plastic pants! You fold prefolds up, and just lay them inside of a cover. Once the prefold is soaked, you switch it out for another prefold, but you can continue to use the same cover until it gets soiled. This is your cheapest option, but the prefolds can be bulky, harder to use out in public, and a lot of babysitters/daycares will not use this method. My favorite prefolds are the GroVia Bamboo prefolds, and my favorite covers are Flip. Thirsties makes really good covers as well, and Econobum are the best, cheapest prefold option. Sorry I am not including a picture of the Bamboo prefolds, they are currently in the wash right now!


Our most loved prefolds :)

 Econobum prefolds 🙂

Our favorite Covers are: Flips and thirsties!

  • You trifold the prefold (fold into 3 sections, follow the creases) and then set it inside the Cover! Once the prefold is inside the cover, you snap the cover around your baby and you’re done! Plain and simple 🙂 The awesome thing is that they are waterproof! Once your baby wets/poop on the prefold you take it out, and switch a new one in! (Unless poop gets on the cover of course!)
Econobum Prefold inside of a Thirsties Snap Cover.

Econobum Prefold inside of a Thirsties Snap Cover.

Thirsties cover, with prefold, and on my daughter.

Thirsties cover, with prefold, and on my daughter.

Our favorite Thirsties Cover.

Our favorite Aplix diaper, A thirsties cover!

Bummis Soft Whisper Wrap (Cover)

Bummis Soft Whisper Wrap (Cover)

My favorite Pockets are the BumGenius pockets!

  • All you have to do is stuff with an insert, or a prefold, snap on, and your baby is ready to go! We use these most frequently at night, and if we go out somwhere (to a grandparents house, or a restaurant, etc.) You can make them even more absorbent by putting two inserts inside the pocket, an insert and a prefold, just by adding more padding! They are SUPER SUPER soft! I mean like a fleece blanket soft! BumGenius are my overall favorite brand! From their 4.0’s, to their Elemental AIO’s!
BumGenius 4.0 Pocket in "Love Lace" Fresh out of the package :)

BumGenius 4.0 Pocket in “Love Lace” Fresh out of the package 🙂

BumGenius Pocket opening.

BumGenius Pocket opening.

My daughter wearing the "Love Lace' 4.0.

My daughter wearing the “Love Lace’ 4.0.

4.0 in "Grasshopper"

4.0 in “Grasshopper”

My daughter in "Piccadilly Circus" My FAVORITE print!

My daughter in “Piccadilly Circus” My FAVORITE print!


Our favorite fitteds are the: GroVia Kiwi Pie Fitteds!

  • Fitted’s are the best method (that I have found) for overnight use! They absorb SO MUCH urine, and hold up 10+hours. The only downside is that fitteds need a cover over them because they are not water proof (That is why they look different, no PUL!). Most fitteds are also One Size (OS). My personal favorite combination (besides wool) is the GroVia Kiwi Pie fitted with a Flip cover. GroVia fitteds are about $27 each.
Grovia Kiwi Pie tag/logo.

Grovia Kiwi Pie tag/logo.

Inserts inside of fitted.

Inserts inside of fitted.

Fitted without the inserts.

Fitted without the inserts.

Grovia Kiwi Pie fitted brand new in "Ellie"

Grovia Kiwi Pie fitted brand new in “Ellie”


There is one more thing I am going to go over, and it is All In One’s!

What all All In Ones you may ask?

  • AIO’s are simply that, you do not have to stuff the inserts into the pocket, you put them on just like you would a disposable, take them off, then throw them in the diaper pail/wet bag. There is no stuffing, no taking out inserts, nothing. This is the easiest way to go, but the most pricy. AIO’s are usually $20+. My favorite AIO’s are the BumGenius Elementals.

Well, those are our favorite CD at the moment! I will review them on their own in another post, as well as our Cloth Diaper Stash! Thanks for reading!

Have a great day, and happy parenting!


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