It has been too long..

Hey Everyone!

It has been forever since my last post, and I greatly apologize. I have had a lot of things going on lately, and just finally got a new laptop!

I start College next month, and I am super excited for the great things to come. I have felt myself turning into a new person lately, and I know that College is the push I really need. My views of the world have changed, and I am leaning more now towards Holistic Methods of living. I believe that it is what is best for my family, and I am going to be posting more on how we live. This includes our monthly food budget, shopping, personal care routines, why I believe in certain things, etc. I hope that I haven’t lost you in the months I did not post!

Since I had to get a new computer, I lost all of my pictures and drafts, so it will take a couple days for me to get some posts lined up.

Have any life changing events occurred in your family lately?

Happy Parenting!

– Marissa.


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