DIY Himalayan Salt Candle Holder Project

This looks beautiful, and easy!

Organic Himalayan Salt

DIY Himalayan Salt Candle Holder Project

DIY Himalayan Salt Candle Holder ProjectThis DIY Himalayan Salt Candle Holder Project allows you to quickly and easily create beautiful Himalayan Salt Votive Candle Holders for your home. The peach-pink color of the salt emits a smooth, earthy glow when the candle is lit, creating tranquil lighting for any location of the home, while the project it’s self allows for great conversation and fun while making them around the kitchen table! You may even want to try some of the culinary delights that Himalayan Salt has to offer while your at it!

This project also creates a wonderfully unique handmade gift which is perfect for Christmas, Birthdays or Wedding gifts!

Materials needed to make 1 candle holder:

  • 1 glass flower vase, bowl or candle holder, about 6″ in dia. or across, with low sides(I used a square Wal-Mart flower vase, you can use any shape you prefer.)
  • 2lbs Course Grain…

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