Why Organic? – Organic Series Part 1.

Hello Everyone!

This is Part 1 in the Organic Series! Today I am going to be writing about a topic that I get asked a lot, Why do you eat Organic Food?

There are many reasons why I chose for my family to eat mostly Organic, but here are the Top 3:

#1: Pesticides

Did you know that the USA uses over 1.2 billion pounds of Pesticides a year, and ONLY 0.01% of that actually reaches the bugs? If it is not reaching the bugs, then where is it going? That’s right, into our food! There are many health risks associated with Pesticides such as: Eye and Skin Irritant, Hormone Disruption, Cancer, Blood Disorders, Birth Defects, Immune Disorders, Nerve Disorders, ADHD and more!

When you ingest Pesticides, they are stored in your Colon, and will eventually poison your body. Organic Foods do not contain Neurotoxins (organophosphates), which were developed as a toxic nerve agent in World War I. Think about that, since there is no use for the nerve agent anymore, they are spraying it onto our food. Imagine what kind of damage that exposure can do to your body over time. 

Children’s brains are more susceptible to toxins, and The National Academy of Sciences reported that at least 50% of lifetime pesticide exposure happens during the first five years of life. There was another Study published, that found that exposure to Garden Pesticides can increase the risk of Childhood Leukemia by a SEVEN-FOLD. Leukemia!

There are many major side effects to being exposed to pesticides, and I do not want my family to be exposed to Pesticides anymore than they already are.

 #2: Organic Food contains more nutrients, and even taste better!

One day I was at the Grocery Store and decided to get some Organic Bananas. They were delicious, but I couldn’t understand how they were any better than conventional Bananas. Next time we went to the Grocery store I skipped the Organic Bananas. My daughter and I split a Banana, and I instantly got this disgusting taste in my mouth. I tried drinking water, and even brushing my tongue, I could not get the taste completely away. After a quick Google search, I quickly learned that I was tasting the Pesticides on the fruit. I was absolutely disgusted.

Organic Fruits and Vegetables contain at least 40% more antioxidants, and Organic milk contain up to 90% more!  Antioxidants are said to reduce the risk of heart disease, and even many cancers. They also have higher levels of beneficial vitamins and minerals, that we desperately need. Eating Organic vegetables could “give you the same benefits as eating one or two more of the daily recommend servings,” that is amazing!

Switching to Organic food, has made me feel so much more healthy! 

#3: Animals that are raised Organically, are treated so much better.

Eating fewer animal products is better for the environment, but if that is not possible, at least eat meat that was treated humanly. Animal Agriculture cause 80% of the world’s deforestation, and massive amounts of Pollution. They also consume half of the worlds grain harvest. Animals that are raised Organically are fed organic feed, aren’t filled with antibiotics, they are not from a test tube, and get to eat more nutrients than conventional meat.With Organic meat, there is little risk of mad-cow disease. Animals that are raised organically are only fed 100% organic feed, without other animals chopped up inside. Also, when Farmers use animal manure as fertilizer, they are recycling the nutrients. These animals are not constantly caged, sick, or in overcrowded populations. Most animals in fact, have other purposes besides just giving meat.

Now these were only a few of the many reasons why I believe Organic is important, but there are many more! So please, if you haven’t researched about it before, do it now!

Stay tuned, I have an upcoming post called “Eating Organic on a Budget” coming soon!

Happy Parenting,

– Marissa.